Montessori Method

Montessori Method is a method of helping a child to develop his overall personality during the fundamental period. Freedom is most essential for a child to develop his personality; this freedom is achieved through self-discipline, order and work.

Each child is unique. The Montessori environments have a certain order and helps children to develop at their own pace, as per their own abilities. There is no competitive atmosphere in a Montessori environment. 

The environments are multi-age classes which span children of three levels; this encourages a strong sense of community. The environments are child centric. This allows a child to develop its independence and leadership skills.

In Montessori Method we rely on hand-on and concrete materials to bring in concepts to children rather than textbooks and work books as books are abstract.

The method assumes that every child is born intelligent, it is just that they progress at their own pace and learn in different ways. In a Montessori environment children move ahead as quickly as they are ready! 

Montessori is an education for life.  !