Our Unique offering

Home away from home

For children taking their first step outside the home, we have created a safe, comfortable and accepting space and this has got us the name ‘home away from home’.

Pure Montessori Method

Being a member of Indian Montessori Centre, we ensure that we follow the 100% Montessori Method of education with the help of the specially designed learning environment and Montessori trained adults.

Trained and experienced team

Our team consists of adults in charge who are passionate about preparing and educating the child for life. All are trained and passed out from Indian Montessori Training Centre and have experience handling children in a Montessori environment for more than a decade.

Cultural activities

Cultural activities help develop creativity and instil confidence and social skills. We engage our children in various activities like singing, storytelling, and celebrating festivals and occasions to introduce the culture and belong to the community. Please refer events section for photos of the same.

Real-life excursions

Experience is life’s most significant teacher. With the aim of introducing children to different practical experiences, we take them on excursions.