About Pravesh

In Sanskrit, Pravesh means ‘Entrance’, and we aim to lay a solid foundation for your child's early childhood education. With Pravesh, your child takes the first step in schooling, and we ensure your child feels at home and grows with learning and fun. For more than a decade, we have carried on the true spirit of Montessori education by educating children not for school but for life.
We provide a caring and nurturing environment with freedom for children to learn at their own pace. With scientifically prepared materials, a specially prepared Montessori environment and the lovely ambience of Pravesh, we hope to enable each child to achieve their maximum potential.

Unlike many play schools with general classrooms, we pride ourselves on providing a small, friendly, caring community for your child which is his vital need. At Pravesh, One of the greatest assets is our highly qualified Montessori trained adults who are passionate about nurturing and shaping young minds. They also believe in providing the best assistance to instigate an interest in learning and ensure the child's overall development.